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Calories Burned During Popular Activities

Aerobic dance 171 342 513


Basketball 141 282 432 564
Bicycling (18 mph) 213 425 638 850


165 330 495 660
Circuit weight Training 189 378 576 756
Cross-country skiing 146 291 437 583
In-line skating 150 300 450 600
Jumping rope (60-80 skips/min) 143 286 429 572
Karate, Tae Kwon Do 192 384 576 768
Kayaking 75 150 225 300
Racquetball 114 228 342 456
Rowing machine 104 208 310 415
Running 10-minute miles 183 365 548 731
Swimming freestyle, 35 yds/min 124 248 371 497
Swimming freestyle, 50 yds/min 131 261 392 523
Tennis, singles 116 232 348 464
Tennis, doubles 43 85 128 170
Versa-Climber, 100 ft/min 188 375 563 750
Walking, 20-min miles, flat 60 120 180 240
Walking, 20-min miles, hills 81 162 243 324
Walking, 15-min miles, flat 73 146 219 292
Walking, 15-min miles, hills 102 204 306 408
Water aerobics 70 140 210 280


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Healthy Match

Project Fitness’s P-Fit Kids Initiative has launched a new project to express its commitment to women and health issues impacting the lives of women each and everyday… “A Healthy Match… A Perfect Pair” The ultimate goal of this initiative is to sponsor 15 young women (P-Fit Kids) through the Girls on the Run program in Washington, DC. In addition, the project will pair these P-Fit Kids with female Project Fitness mentor women in their community.

The project is a preventative and alternative program to address the critical health concerns impacting the lives of women at any age, while fostering an environment that provides nutritional knowledge and alternatives, physical activities and lifestyle skills development opportunities. It is a mentoring program that will change the lives of pre teen/teen girls while changing the lives and perspectives of older women. In addition to engaging strategic non-profit organizations that focus on the pre-teen/teen girls; Project Fitness has established strategic alliances with several International/National/Local organizations with a focus on critical health issues and diseases impacting the lives of women worldwide.

We encourage you to be a supporter and sponsor this project in any way possible, specifically this Event that brings healthy food providers in DC to the forefront. No donation is too small to help the young women in our community!

To learn more, continue reading...

CONTACT for more information and to get involved!


Girls on the Run


Girls on the Run International© is creating grass roots organizations to deliver our message to young girls through volunteer coaches and mentors. Our 12-week character building program of experiential learning through running teaches very specific and well-defined social and personal skills. The program culminates in a non-competitive 5K race event which gives the girls a chance to shine and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Project Fitness has been a proud sponsor for the DC Chapter of Girls on the Run since 2006. Chickaro Martin of Project Fitness has personally participated by leading the girls in preparatory and pre-run warm up and stretch activities before leading the Girls on the Run quarterly runs as a motivator and instructor. Chickaro has also facilitated workouts and informational sessions for all sponsors and volunteers that participant with Girls on the Run to continue to motivate all to participate in health and
wellness activities.


Boys and Girls Club


Project fitness has been a great supporter with the boys and Girls Club through collaboration, activities and events. Project Fitness has both hosted events in efforts to raise awareness, funds, to support mentor organizations working to get children active and informed.  Project fitness has also collaborated with the Girls and Boys club and their FITU Program offering a variety of fitness and wellness experiences through out the Washington area such as: Salsa and exercise, the fundlementals of kick boxing, sports and fun, and many more active, exciting and rewarding activites in 2010.


Additional Associates



Baltimore Moravia Park Middle School Physical Fitness Program, 2008-2009

Due to increasing need for a comprehensive physical fitness awareness and education program at Moravia Park Middle School in Baltimore, MD, Project Fitness was approached and requested to partner with the Baltimore Urban League.

Project Fitness Founder and Director, Chickaro Martin, presented a yearlong series of classes to the students of Moravia Park Middle School emphasizing importance of health and wellness.  The Project Fitness approach to educating youth about health and wellness was unique, innovative, and powerful. Through five core values of Project Fitness, students were taught a series of integrated lessons and exercises that paid particular attention to history, theory, importance, practical application, and physical exercise of each activity and movement such as nutrition and posture. In addition, these activities helped students to identify the natural leader and motivator within each of them. Team and competitive activities encouraged compromise and cooperation.  One of criteria for Project Fitness affiliates is for them to “get five people fit.” This value was shared with each student and as they encouraged their comrades to participate, numbers tripled in participation.

Chickaro in the Classroom

“Mr. Martin who was never a teacher to my knowledge made all the students feel comfortable no matter their physical limitations. This component is very important to this age group because they are so easily embarrassed. The way Mr. Martin had even the special education students to participate was a true accomplishment to him and his staff.”

-- Jacquette Beard, 8th Grade Teacher

“I think that Mr. Martin’s Program should be in place of the gym class we have. I learned more from him then I did in gym. I hope that when I go to high school he will be around to teach me some more.”

-- Tony Price, 15


U Street Farmer’s Market: Free Community Activities, 2005-2008

Picture of Farmers Market

In an effort to engage the residents of the U Street Corridor Area of Washington, DC, Project Fitness Founder and Director, Chickaro Martin, conducted free fitness assessments weekly at the U Street Farmer’s Market. Following these complete and well-rounded fitness assessments, Martin collaborated with members of the U Street community to bring excitement and participation to U Street’s local Meridian Hill Park to encourage the area’s residents to frequent the park. Particularly, Martin led almost weekly fitness activities such as work outs, competitions, runs in the Meridian Hill area. This hugely successful program lasted approximately three years and has inspired numerous running groups, team activities, and wellness enthusiasts in the U Street Corridor area.


Healthy Match -- 100 Women Strong

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