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@ 10:00 am // Bootcamp
@ 3:00 pm // P-Fit Team Meeting (Staff and volunteers)

Bootcamp @ 6:00 pm
MAY 2011    
14 | Saturday

Event: DC Fitness Challenge (DCFC)
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: McKinley Tech High School
Address: 151 T St. NE | Washington, DC | 20002

Who will be crowned the fittest in DC in 2011? Compete in the DC Fitness Challenge on May 14, and you can vie for the title. More important, are you up to the challenge of fighting childhood obesity in Washington, DC?

  • The DC Fitness Challenge is a unique event that combines the competitive nature of fitness races and events with the values of being a good fitness role model for the children and youth in DC. Adult participants can elect to compete at the Elite level or the General Fitness level.
  • This event is for adult competitors as well as children and youth. We'll name four men and women the fittest in the city, and, best of all, all of the kids will be winners because of your inspiration as a role model--and they will take home tremendous knowledge about fitness and nutrition! The adults might learn a thing or two from the kids as well.
  • The proceeds go to defeat childhood obesity in Washington, DC. We're calling on everyone: beginners, fitness enthusiasts and professional fitness trainers, yes, EVERYONE, to participate, compete and be fitness role models for the youth of DC for a day! See the Fitness Challenge and Kids Fitness Challenge tabs for details.

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